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Traffic Line Removal (Qld) doesn't just remove traffic lines, in fact that's just the beginning. Our services include a broad range of concrete preparation and manipulation options. They include:

  • Removes Trip Hazards from Walkways and Footpaths.
  • Creates Safety Grooves for Slippery Surfaces such as Floors and Ramps.
  • Remove Bumps and Undulations in Floors.
  • Preparing Concrete floors for Tiling by removing exposed glue and grouting.
  • Preparing Concrete floors for painting.
  • Remove plastic paints from Floors or Swimming Pools.
  • Remove Lips at Factory Doorways for Forklifts and Machinery as well as Pedestrian Traffic and Trolleys.
  • Turn Driveways into Exposed Aggregate at a fraction of the cost of Re-paving.
  • Prepare and Roughen Floors for Toppings.
  • Removes Painted Lines from Concrete.
  • White Line Removal.
  • Leveling of pavers and up against pavers, a service others cannot provide.
  • Concrete Mowing and Concrete Grinding.
  • We can remove Dynabolts left from pallet racking. This includes filling the holes and leveling the floor.
  • Installation of bollards.
  • We can install car park wheel stops.
  • We can paint your garage floors with epoxy or acrylic paint
  • Repair industrial floors to remove all safety hazards and concrete breakouts to ensure a smooth surface for forklifts

We use Superior Machinery

  • Our machines use a petrol motor but can use a 3-Phase Electric Motor when being used in confined spaces.
  • Our Machines can work wet to control Dust.
  • (Dry & Dustless) Our machines have a Dust Collection Vacuum.


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